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Conservative Beer Company Hits Huge Milestone

Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer has quickly made its mark in the beer industry by scoring multiple distribution deals in multiple states and appearing at thousands of retailers, bars, and restaurants across the country. The conservative ale brand, launched as an online-only operation in April, has already soared past $1 million in sales with over 10,000 customers and 20,000 six-packs sold within two weeks.

The brand has been particularly popular among those looking to take a stand against “woke” corporate partnerships, such as Bud Light’s controversial collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. With this momentum, Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer’s CEO Seth Weathers plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to “defeating woke school board members across the country.”

“First, they mocked us. They said we’d never sell any beer, they said we’d never get the beer made, they said we would never get distributors, and then they said we’d never get shelf space in stores. I’m proud to say, we’ve accomplished all those things in a matter of months,” Weathers said in a press release.

Thanks to the increasing success of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, many have speculated that the backlash against the Bud Light campaign may have had a serious impact on Anheuser Busch. In fact, the brand’s parent company, Anheuser Busch, lost an estimated $27 billion in market value just two months after the boycott began.

The brand is currently being sold in stores and restaurants throughout Georgia and Arkansas, with more states expected to begin selling it in the near future. Weathers is keen to encourage people to support conservative values and hold corporate companies accountable and has encouraged customers to grab a 6-pack of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer.

“If you support conservative values, please go to your local stores in Georgia and Arkansas and grab yourself a 6-pack! Let’s send a message to woke corporations by becoming a forever brand that helps restore our country’s values,” he said.

The success of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer shows just how powerful consumer boycotts can be. Even though the brand was launched in April 2021, it has already achieved an impressive feat with sales soaring beyond a million dollars. And with its expansion prospects looking bright, the brand is surely a force to be reckoned with in the beer industry.

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