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Concerns About Deteriorating Health Erupt As Putin Suffers Accident

Earlier this past week, Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a fall down a set of stairs and ended up soiling his pants, kicking off a flurry of rumors regarding his deteriorating health, as explained via a Telegram channel which has claimed to get its information from sources known to be close to the president of Russia.

The superpower leader, now 70 years old, fell down a flight of stairs at his official residence this past Wednesday night in Moscow, as reported by the Telegram channel General SVR, which is allegedly run by an ex-spy for Russia. The account stated that Putin, who has been the topic of extreme speculation in the wake of his orders to use the Russian army to try and invade Ukraine this past February, dropped down five steps and directly struck his tailbone.

“Three bodyguards helped the president get to the nearest couch and summoned medics, who are on duty at the residence,” the report read. “Nothing critical, the president’s condition closer to nighttime was stable, he can get around on his own, with pain in the coccyx area while sitting being the only thing that bothers him.”

Throughout a number of videotaped meetings this past year, Putin seemed to be extremely shaky and bloated while often spotted tightly gripping his chair or a nearby table in an obvious struggle to stay upright. Various watchers from the Kremlin have marked the bloated and puffy appearance of Putin to his cancer treatments, despite Moscow not outright confirming the KGB agent-turned-strongman having any health issues.

It was claimed by General SVR that the fall forced Putin to “involuntarily defecate” because of “cancer affecting his stomach and bowels.” The report also claimed that a special investigation was carried out to find out why Putin, who apparently has specially designed shoes to assist with his balance, had actually fallen down.

This past Thursday, Putin was spotted being led on a tour through a Moscow-based science facility, seemingly unaffected by the incident.

Back in July, Putin spawned serious concerns as he paid a visit to Iran whereas he got off his plane he walked with an odd gait and with an army seemingly hanging limply at his side as he swung the other exaggeratedly. He was spotted hobbling down a red carpet and did not seem to shake hands with the group of lead Iranian officials greeting him, spawning a wild series of concerns about his health.

As recently as this past October, a reporter from the Kyiv Post spotlighted a series of screenshots of Putin speaking to soldiers out in the Ryazan region, sparking a number of observations that he was sporting a number of IV track marks on his hands.

“Putin’s oncology is progressing and, despite adequate treatment lately, the pain is not always completely relieved,” explained General SVR.

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