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Company Gets Backlash After Supporting Protestors

Eventbrite is a US-based event management and ticketing website. It is a popular platform for people to discover events that match their interests, and organizers use this website to promote their events. However, a recent controversy has engulfed the company, owing to the listing of pro-Hamas events on its platform.

Several users have reported that Eventbrite has listed numerous events that support the terrorist organization Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by many countries, including the United States. These events were reportedly organized by a group called the “Hamas Youth Movement” and were set to take place in different cities across the US. The listings included events such as fundraisers and cultural events which were aimed at garnering support for the terrorist organization.

Upon hearing about these listings, an OutKick reader, whose identity remains anonymous, decided to call the company and inquire about its policy regarding such events. The reader reached out to the company using a number provided by a contact at Eventbrite. However, instead of getting an answer to their query, the reader was met with a shocking response. The lady who answered the call immediately hung up as soon as the reader mentioned the pro-Hamas listings. The reader attempted to call back, but after a few tries, it became apparent that Eventbrite had blocked their number.

In an attempt to verify the authenticity of the reader’s claim, this reporter called the company using the same number. After being transferred to an agent, the call was immediately dropped. This happened on multiple attempts, indicating that the company was indeed blocking calls from any person inquiring about the pro-Hamas listings.

This blatant attempt by Eventbrite to avoid any discussion on the matter has raised several questions about the company’s policies and actions. It is concerning to see a company that prides itself on promoting “diverse and inclusive” events openly supporting a terrorist organization and then refusing to take accountability for it.

The company’s spokesperson has refused to comment on the issue, further aggravating the situation. It has also sparked outrage among users on social media, with many questioning the company’s decision to list pro-Hamas events in the first place.

It is imperative that Eventbrite addresses this issue and provides a clear explanation of their policy regarding controversial events. The company must also take responsibility for its actions and ensure that such events do not find a place on its platform in the future. Failure to do so will not only damage its reputation but also raise serious questions about its ethics and values.

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