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Colbert ‘Apology’ Spurs Tudor Dixon To Speak Out During Megyn Kelly Interview

This past Monday, Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon took part in an interview hosted by Megyn Kelly and was asked to express her thoughts concerning the “apology” issued by comedian Stephen Colbert in the wake of his open mocking of a Democratic supporter of hers.

Throughout “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Sirius XM, Kelly asked Dixon about what she labeled a snarky “apology’ from Colbert and asked what her response to the man could be. The late-night host utilized one of the supporters of Dixon in his recent monologue, heavily mocking Khalil Othman, the man in question, stating that he was a Democrat that was taking strides to leave the party for Republicans after finding sexually explicit content in the school library where his children attended.

Colbert went on to issue an “apology” to the man he mocked in the wake of being put on blast by the Detroit Free Press, the largest newspaper in Michigan, which called out the host regarding his insane false attacks against the Republican candidate.

“You are not understanding the people of the country,” Dixon explained to Kelly. “You’re not understanding the heartbeat of America right now, and that is to make sure that our kids are protected, that they have a future and that they have safe communities.”


“When you belittle parents who are concerned about their child’s safety, no matter what the safety issue is, you are losing people for your own party and we welcome them to ours,” she went on.

During the Thursday broadcast of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Colbert stated, “This very real person deserves an apology because he says, ‘To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance,'” highlighted Fox News. “So I would like to apologize. It is a terrible thing for someone to deny your very existence. Just ask trans people. Therefore, I, Stephen Colbert, acknowledge that you exist and ask that you forgive me.”

Colbert then spotlights a section of what Othman expressed to officials with the Detroit Free Press which stated, “If this person did his due diligence and start researching or has his team do a little bit of research of who’s this person who attended Dixon’s rally, they will be able to find my name right away easy on social media. Just Google it.”

The insane late-night host then tried to throw shade at the Michigan voter, as he claimed, “OK, fair enough. But I will point out that Dixon never said your name. So what am I supposed to search for? All she said was I had a gentleman come up to me, and he said I found content in my school library describing how to have sex to my son.”

He expressed that Othman “claimed to be a Democratic politician but switched after he lost his primary and packed up his toys and went off in a huff to support” Dixon.

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