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CNN Blows Whistle On White House Memo

On Tuesday, a shocking directive from the White House leaked to select news outlets, including left-wing news outlet CNN. This directive, if followed, is a blatant attempt to intimidate the press, by swaying the narrative against the impeachment inquiry of President Biden.

The letter, according to the White House Counsel’s Office, was to be sent to the “nation’s largest news organizations,” including CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, the Associated Press, and CBS News. It implores journalists to “ramp up [their] scrutiny of House Republicans” for opening an impeachment inquiry against President Biden without evidence.

The letter, which was obtained by CNN, was written by White House spokesperson Ian Sams. In it, Sams claims that process stories that fail to investigate the “illegitimacy of the claims” used by Republicans are a “disservice to the American public.” He then goes on to warn of a “modern media environment,” where “liars and hucksters” spread disinformation and lies across the internet. It is unclear if this was a subliminal threat to news organizations to not report the truth or else face a public backlash from the White House.

The new media directive comes just one day after Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. This is despite there being no known evidence of any wrongdoing on the president’s part.

In fact, there is overwhelming evidence pointing to Biden’s potential corruption. The public has seen texts, videos, recordings, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, sworn statements from participants in the Biden family’s illegal activities, bank records and accounts, IRS whistleblowers, and FBI memos. The evidence of improprieties is overwhelming, but the Left-wing CNN chose to focus on the White House’s spin.

Ahead of the White House’s official announcement, CNN’s “coverage” of the letter skipped the part where the outlet was actually acting as a messenger for political propaganda. It even managed to get a false claim that there is “no evidence” to support the impeachment inquiry in its report.

No news agency should be considered credible if it can be press-ganged into regurgitating White House talking points. It is clear that CNN was more than willing to serve as the White House’s mouthpiece, despite the obvious reality of illegal activities purported in the upcoming inquiry.

This shameful episode of media bias goes to show that even the most respected outlets will put aside all pretenses of journalistic duty if it means pleasing the political party in power. Not only did CNN fail to call out the pending abuse of authority, but it even went so far as to serve the White House’s interests by acting as a conduit for its propaganda.

Americans must remain vigilant in this modern media environment and demand that their news outlets remain unbiased and reliable. Gone are the days of trust and integrity in reporting; however, as long as we insist on discovering the truth, we can clearly see that it is alive and well.

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