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Claimed ‘Alien’ Attack Has Been Exposed As A High Tech Scare Operation

A shocking report published Wednesday revealed a disturbing incident occurring in the Alto Nanay district of Peru. Communities in the district are claiming they are being attacked by green aliens. According to La República, these aliens were caught on video chasing children and others around the area. Locals even begged the military and government officials for help in August. The prosecutor investigating the case, Carlos Castro Quintanilla, believes the “aliens” are actually illegal miners from Brazil and Colombia.

Unlike the exotic origin Peruvian citizens first implied, these reported “aliens” are simply illegal immigrant miners, brought to their land by organized crime syndicates. According to the outlet, these miners were using high-tech equipment in their illegal gold extraction endeavors, such as jetpacks.

Critics of illegal mining claim it is a major factor in the environmental degradation seen in Peru’s natural water sources, as well as the deaths of both people and animals. La República also reported that these illegal immigrants were even attempting to kidnap minor children in the area.

The mayor of the Alto Nanay district, José Palomino Lozano, has requested support for his townsfolk from Peru’s defense ministry in response to the reported crime.

“These illegal activities, mainly (gold) mining, are a great concern to us,” Lozano told Reuters. “We need assistance from the government, since it affects us in our daily lives . . . the defense ministry has the necessary capabilities to repel and investigate these illegal activities.”

So far, there has been no comment from the Peruvian government regarding the illegal mining of gold in the area. As of now, criminals from the other side of the world may still be terrorizing some of Peru’s most vulnerable. Will they be able to protect themselves and their land? Only time will tell.

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