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California School District Pushes Parent-Free Lecture On Radical Gender Theory Onto Young Teens

One school district out in California that has been heavily subscribing to radical gender theory ideology has recently been making efforts to advertise a talk to the children about “transgender young people” that would not be attended by any of the students parents.

As a volunteer group in partnership with California’s Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD), Davis Parent University hosted an open lecture which took place late last week with guest Rachel Pepper, a known child sex change-affirming therapist and the author of “The Transgender Child: A Handbook For Parents And Professionals.” Students over the age of 12 and up were called in by officials of the school district to attend alongside any adult whatsoever as long as they are over 18.

“Do not ever think that withholding care or telling a teen to wait until they are 18 and of age to move forward are suitable options,” crowed Pepper in a released clip from the event which started to go viral online last week.

“If you find that you are resistant to providing congruence options for your teen — and the clock is ticking — keep coming back to love and ask yourself if you would prefer a suffering child — or even a dead one — to a child who could receive gender-affirming care,” exclaimed Pepper, seemingly choosing to rely on a debunked affirm-or-suicide style narrative which is normally utilized to try and emotionally blackmail parents in subjecting their kids to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender-related surgeries.

As part of the Q&A part, Pepper was issued a question about what to do concerning extended family members who seem to be “skeptical” of a “very young trans kiddo, age four.”

“Sometimes families have to make hard decisions because there may be people in extended families who are toxic and who are not safe people for those children to be around,” snarked Pepper.

When questioned about the statistics in regard to youth that identified as transgender and nonbinary, Pepper stated that “recent studies of high schoolers” have discovered that “15 to 19% of youth identify somewhere on the spectrum of non-binary, gender diverse, [or] transgender.”

DJUSD students have been slammed with instruction about “gender identity” and sexuality for a number of years,  which has resulted in a concomitant boom in trans-identification. As of writing, an average of 6% of DJUSD students polled expressed that they identify as “nonbinary” or “neither male nor female,” as reported in a 2020-2021 school survey — which is 4.3 times the national average, and three times California’s average.

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