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Bystander Catches Insane Broad Daylight Murder On Camera In St. Louis

One bystander spotted and watched in shock as he managed to capture an active murder on video this past Monday morning — out on the street in downtown St. Louis.

The video was originally posted to social media by @ponziSTL, sporting the following caption: “This was in #stl today in broad daylight. Dude executed him with not a care in the [world]. We have a corrupt George Soros funded prosecutor and 1/4 murders in St Louis actually are prosecuted. That’s what y’all get when you vote for soft on crime democrats. This is outcome. Another black man executed where’s BLM?”

The video in question, which seemed to have been taken through a window from inside a nearby building, showed a pair of black men on the street just in front of the window — one of them sitting calmly on the curb with his feet stretched out into the toad, and the other standing a few feet behind him fiddling with a weapon. Nothing could be heard from the pair of men outside, but a pair of people inside the building could be heard discussing what was taking place and whether or not there had been a different gunshot prior to the video starting.

The second man, who seemed to have been wearing black pants and a blue coat with neon yellow sleeves, was seemingly struggling to load a firearm. “He just put a magazine in, he’s still trying to load it,” stated the person taking the video in a comment.

The man seemingly struggled with the gun for close to thirty seconds before he was able to load and ready the gun —  at which point he quickly walked over to the person sitting on the curb before quickly aiming at his head and opening fire.

The video quickly cut away as a single gunshot sounded, and the person filming screamed out in a panicked voice: “Oh my God. He just f***ing killed him. He just f***ing killed him.”

As explained in a report from KSDK, a local affiliate for NBC, the shooting took place at the 700 block of North Tucker Boulevard and was first reported to police officials just prior to 10 a.m. local time. The man who was shot was pronounced dead on the scene.

Both the suspect who is allegedly the shooter and the man who was killed was reportedly involved in a different altercation at a local Shell station prior to the event of the shooting.

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