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Byron Daniels Spars With CNN’s Cooper – WATCH

Anderson Cooper tried to bulldoze GOP Congressman Byron Daniels, but he wasn’t having it.

Following the Trump town hall event, Daniels appeared on CNN with the panel. During an exchange host, Anderson Cooper tried to bully Daniels into his talking point. However, Daniels turned the tables.

Conservative commentator James Woods praised Daniels.

“This guy won’t tolerate a lapdog liberal fluffer like Cooper trying to bully him and talk over him. He steamrolls over him and sets the standard for what the Republican Party needs to be: powerful, assured, and unapologetic. @ByronDonalds is the future and we need more like him,” he wrote on social media.

The media will press Daniels but say nothing when Biden spouts nonsense.

It’s pretty clear that Biden is a scapegoat for the left. They are going to use him to push everything they can.

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