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Boston Children’s Hospital Receives Heavy Criticism For Weird Stance Taken In Recent Video About Young Children And Gender

Boston Children’s Hospital has found itself trending all across social media as of late due to the hot takes issued in a video series it posted that seem to promote transgender services for any adolescent patients, including some that are under the age of 18. One of the most recent of these videos that have been making its way across social media highlights Dr. Kerry McGregor, a psychologist, claiming that even very young kids have a complete and knowledgeable grasp on their own gender identity “seemingly from the womb.”

“So most of the patients we have in the GeMS [The Gender Multispecialty Service] clinic actually know their gender, usually around the age of puberty,” stated McGregor. “But a good portion of children do know as early as seemingly from the womb,” she expressed with a smile.

“They will usually express their gender identity as very young children, some as soon as they can talk, they might say phrases such as ‘I’m a girl’ or ‘I’m a boy’ or ‘I’m going to be a woman’ or ‘I’m going to be a mom,’” she went on. “Kids know very, very early.”

McGregor did confirm that the GeMS clinic has been seeing young kids “all the way down to ages 2 and 3.” She goes on to speak out about how specialists spoke with the children and their families in order to talk about different strategies for their development.

“The biggest piece of advice I give to parents who are coming through the gender clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital is to just be supportive,” expressed the Psychologist in the odd video.

“Sometimes you might not understand, sometimes you feel like you don’t know the terms, or you don’t get exactly what the child means when they say that they might be this gender, but the biggest thing you can do is just love your child and support them and just allow them to express themselves.”

“That’s the biggest protector as well against negative mental health effects such as depression, suicidality, anxiety, that we worry about for our gender diverse kids,” she stated.

The video did not do well at all online. “Wait, if a fetus is aware enough to make a decision on gender, then they should also have the decision to live or not……,” stated someone in their response.

“My 3 year old told me she is a racoon [sic] today,” stated another post.

The video was highlighted by another Twitter account named Billboard Chris, which is operated by a Canadian man that works to expose the insanity of trangender ideology for kids. Besides that particular video, Chris has highlighted other videos from Boston Children’s Hospital, which includes their pushing of “gender reassignment surgeries.”


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