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Bill Barr Expresses Thoughts About Letitia James’ Civil Lawsuit Against The Trump Family

This past Wednesday, William Barr, the former U.S. Attorney General, explained that he does not think that the civil lawsuit being carried out by Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, against the Trump family will end up going anywhere overall, and what finally convinced him that she heavily overreached in the case was that she chose to try and go after the Trump children as well as the former President.

The lawsuit in question is seeking to go after the former president, his business, and many associates. The lawsuit goes even furth than just targeting the former president, and also goes after Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Jeffrey McConney, The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, The Trump Organization, Inc., and others.

The suit wants to slam punishment against the targets to the tune of a $250 million penalty and a ban against operating any businesses in the state of New York. James also wants to issue a ban against Trump and the Trump Organization from buying any kind of real estate in the state for a period of five years. The attorney general of New York is also making reference to her investigation of Trump to the Department of Justice in hopes of seeing criminal charges.

When questioned during a Fox News interview this past Wednesday about what he thought would take place next in the case, Barr answered, “Well, for one thing, she brought this as a civil case.”

“This is not a criminal case,” expressed Barr. “To me, that says that she doesn’t have the evidence to make a criminal case. So she’s setting a lower bar and bringing this civil case. I don’t think it’s going to go any further. Now, it’s over 200 pages long with a lot of details about the valuation of properties.”

“But the fact of the matter is that real estate valuation of a complex real estate company like this is inherently very subjective. It depends what kinds of assumptions are used. Values can swing, depending on whether it’s viewed as a property that’s going to be split up or one that’s kept together and so forth. So it’s not an exact science,” Barr went on. “And the fact is that banks, sophisticated banks, don’t rely on every jot and tittle in the financial statements. They do their own assessments. They make themselves comfortable. Sometimes, they automatically discount that kind of submission. And they didn’t — no one — the loans were paid back. These were successful investments.”

“And the banks were paid back,” concluded Barr. “So, to have spent three years on this, seems to me, her trying to make good on a campaign promise that she was going to bring Trump down.”


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