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Biden White House Staff Invited Drag Queen With A History Of Performing For Children To The White House

Marti G. Cummings, one drag queen that was invited by President Joe Biden to come to the White House in order to attend the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act, is known to have performed for children as young as 2 years of age.

Officials with the administration sent out invites to multiple hundreds of LGBTQ activists to visit the White House this past Tuesday as Old Uncle Joe officially signed the new piece of legislation, which officially enshrines protections for same-sex marriage into federal law to go along with the Supreme Court’s opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges. Sporting a very long history of activism, Cummings made sure to highlight a photo of his invitation on social media accounts and stated that he was “grateful” to receive such an invite, as stated in a report from the Daily Signal.

A video, which ended up going viral roughly three years ago,  was discovered of CUmmings singing the children’s song “Baby Shark” to an infant. Footage from the video showed Cummings —  decked out in high-heeled boots, a wing, and a leotard tightly hugging his genitals — quickly clapping along to the song, and at one point even doing spins onto a long table and putting the focus on his nether regions. Another man who seemed to be the child’s father was sitting there as well, smiling and bouncing the child on his knees, all while recording the interaction between the drag queen and the baby.

“It was just a very quick kind of organic moment during the performance. He was so sweet, and he gave me a dollar,” stated Cummings to Inside Edition. “Obviously going to like a late-night drag show is not appropriate for a kid, but a family-friendly drag brunch is totally cool.”

Just recently, TikTok highlighted a tweet from the drag queens, which was posted this past year, in which Cummings stated that “the kids are out to sing and suck d!” The Tweet came in response to a different user who seemed to be stating that the crowd for the New York City gay bar was much younger than on a normal night.

Quickly the activist took down the post, blocked the page Libs of TikTok, and turned the account entirely private.

Recently, Cummings attempted to kick off a highly unsuccessful campaign to obtain a seat on the New York City Council, stating in an interview with the magazine Out that he wants to “not only be a drag queen who’s funny, silly, and entertaining, but somebody who took that platform and used it for something bigger.” Additionally, Cummings carries out acts of activism on behalf of the “queer youth population” throughout New York City.

“I also think we need young people at the table. We need new, fresh voices,” he exclaimed ot the outlet. “We have a lot of queer elected officials now, but we need really, really progressive queer candidates. We need candidates who are going to take us to that next level. New York politics for a long time has been dynasty politics, and we should bring some new people to the table because politics should be open to everybody.”


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