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Biden Screw Up Reveals He’s Got A Script For Everything

While attending the recent G7 summit Old Sleepy Joe dropped the ball once again. This particular time he managed to show everyone in attendance, and of course flashing a camera directly, the outlined cheat sheet that had been prepared for him.

Here is a quick photo of the event:

It seems as though his team of handlers once again failed to ensure that the situation was entirely Biden-proof. This level of gaffe seemingly left his staff shocked and cringing.

At the very same event, Biden was involved in an awkward scene in which he was being guided by Japanese leader Fumio Kishida as his wife, first lady Jill Biden, held his hand. The trio had met at the Hiroshima prefecture ahead of the G7 Summit — but the 80-year-old seemed confused as to where he should stand for photos. 

As the dignitaries gathered in the picturesque prefecture, the US president offered a boxers pose, before shaking hands with Fumio Kishidas wife. Awkwardly, Biden then turned and stared at the ground for several seconds, unsure of where he should place himself in the group shot. Japanese authorities were quick to resolve the situation, with Kishida kindly guiding the US President to his place.

We‘ll figure it out,” joked an amused Mrs Biden, as the Japanese Prime Minister escorted her husband. However, the confusing incident wasnt over yet as Biden stumbled down the stairs with the help of Kishida and Mrs Biden. The US leader almost fell, but luckily stayed on his feet, much to the disbelief of photographers and onlookers on the scene.

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