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Biden SCREAMS, Furiously Railing Against GOP Win

President Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, turned Tuesdays Juneteenth celebration into an opportunity for him to rant and rave about thesoul of America while promoting the degeneracy of his Administration.

The event was funded largely by taxpayers, and at one point Vice President Harris went into a laughing fit that appeared to be scripted. Its a common tic she suffers from when speaking publicly, likely in an effort to create a manufactured public persona, and its part of why shes so deeply unpopular.

The president also used this opportunity to attack those who wish to protect children from being exposed to pornography in schools. He made outrageous and unfounded claims that these individuals havebanned books, even though this is not true.

In fact, many Republicans have expressed concerns about books like Gender Queer, which is a gay porn comic book that teaches children how to perform sex acts. This has nothing to do withbanning books, and Democrats should not suggest that it does.

Meanwhile, President Biden wants your child to have access to this kind of material. This is extremely disturbing and raises even more questions about his true intentions.

At the end of the speech, the president then proclaimed that he was going tosave the soul of America. This kind of cultish rhetoric is not only outrageous but dangerous. No one person has the ability tosave anything, much less thesoul of an entire country.

The Juneteenth event should have been an occasion for a dignified celebration. Instead, we were given a window into the disturbing beliefs and agenda of the Biden Administration. The president and vice president promoted the degeneracy of their administration and attacked those who oppose it while offering up ridiculous claims about thesoul of America. Its nauseating to think that our tax dollars are being used to fund these kinds of events.

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