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Biden Is So Bad You Can’t Even Fact Check Him – WATCH

It appears President Joe Bidens cognitive decline is more concerning than ever before. During the G7 summit in Japan, Biden made an embarrassing blunder in front of world leaders that left analysts stunned.

The 80yearold president stumbled through a press conference as he rambled on for more than forty seconds at one point, leaving the audience to wonder precisely what it was that theyd just seen and heard. Even with cue cards and prepared remarks, it was clear that Biden was having difficulty following the conversation. The White House transcript of his remarks shows he made an error in switching from billions to trillions and had to be corrected by his handlers.

This embarrassing moment comes shortly after Bidens misguided declaration to US troops in Japan that his son Beau had died in Iraq an incident that stokes questions about the presidents mental acuity. Beau himself died in a Delaware hospital from complications of brain cancer, not in combat.

While Biden and his handlers try to brush it off, the concern thats being raised is justified. Its evident that President Biden is not in full possession of his mental faculties. In addition, the fact that his wife, Jill Biden, pushed him to run for four more years in this condition further raises concerns about the situation.

Regardless of the exact cause of Bidens cognitive issues, it is clear that his condition is only deteriorating and it poses a risk to both the US and the world at large. If Biden is unable to act and think strategically in the international arena, he is at risk of making mistakes that could affect the US and its allies for years to come.

This raises two questions: what can be done to help Biden? And should he even be in office if he is no longer fit to serve? Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to this problem. Bidens team and the media are trying to put a positive spin on the situation, but it is troubling for those who are paying close attention.

Biden has been in office for a little over three months. How much more can the US and the world take before it becomes too dangerous to allow Biden to remain in his position? That is the question on everyones mind. Until the answer is revealed, the world will be watching and waiting nervously.

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