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Biden Has A Base Issue Says Report

President Joe Biden is facing a growing race problem that is threatening his chances of being re-elected in 2024. This issue has been brewing since last year’s election, where Biden won but lost ground among Hispanic and Black voters. Now, it has escalated into a full-blown crisis for the White House.

Recent polls have shown that Biden’s support among non-white voters has dropped significantly compared to the 2020 election results. In a New York Times poll of six swing states, Biden’s lead among Hispanics was down to single digits, a significant drop from the usual 30+ point lead that Democrats have among this demographic. In fact, Biden’s support among non-white voters has dropped by 33 points, with his support among Black voters falling to 22 points, which is unprecedented for a Republican in modern times.

The situation is worse in more diverse states, where Biden’s support is dwindling. This trend is alarming for the Democrats as they typically rely on the non-white vote to secure victory in swing states.

The reasons behind this decline in support vary. Among Hispanic voters, issues such as opposition to endangered species protections and a push for alternative energy sources without an immediate solution for well-paying jobs have contributed to the shift. For Black voters, concerns over inflation and rising costs of goods like cars and housing have hurt Biden’s numbers.

Biden’s team, however, remains confident that his record on infrastructure, job creation, and climate change will eventually win over these voters once they realize the choice between his administration’s agenda and “MAGA Republicans’ unpopular extremism.”

But Democrats are struggling to figure out how to fix this problem. The massive spending on infrastructure and job creation has not moved the needle, as inflation seems to have taken away any positive impact. Additionally, the party’s divisions on issues like immigration and crime hinder Biden from taking the tougher stance many voters desire. The ongoing conflict between liberal Jews and minority Democratic leaders on Israel’s response to the recent Hamas attack could also potentially deepen the rift within the party and further alienate voters.

Biden’s team may be banking on voters returning to his side once the general election comes around, especially when faced with the choice between Biden and former President Donald Trump. But at this point, there is no other bet to make.

The Biden administration is aware of these challenges but remains divided on how to address them. With a year to go until the election, it remains to be seen how this race problem will play out and if Biden’s team can find a solution that will win back the support of non-white voters and secure his re-election in 2024.

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