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Biden Forgets To Sign Executive Order

President Joe Biden on Friday visited a textile factory in Auburn, Maine in his first trip to the state as president, and signed an executive order to encourage companies to manufacture inventions in the United States.

However, the signing was somewhat marred by a moment of forgetfulness. After speaking to the crowd, Biden forgot to sign the order. Video footage clearly shows the president realizing his gaffe, as he said: “I’m coming back to shake your hand, but I forgot I didn’t sign the order! All that talk and no action.”

Biden then returned to a desk to sign the order, amid signs with the text “Bidenomics” in the background. During his speech he noted some positive economic news this week such as gross domestic product growing above expectations and American wages outstripping inflation.

However, he cautioned that “we have more work to do,” in order to turn around the economy; he said that he “came into the office determined” to move on from failed economic policies and to build from the bottom-up and the middle-out.

Fox News took notice of the moment of forgetfulness, with conservative media figure Alex Lorusso sharing a clip to Twitter on Friday afternoon. His blunder comes at a critical time, when some GOP lawmakers have declared an impeachment inquiry against him over claims he has been untruthful regarding his son Hunter Biden’s business involvement.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that a GOP probe into the president is “rising to the level of impeachment inquiry” and vowed to uncover the “rest of the knowledge and information needed.”

The White House has shot down the unfounded allegations and repeatedly denied Biden was involved in any way in his son’s business dealings. The birth of the GOP’s impeachment probe may cause Biden to face further opposition in Congress, but at least he was able to sign the executive order when this latest incident is forgotten.

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