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Biden Buddy Found To Have Worked For Weiss

A bombshell revelation regarding Joe Biden’s former top aide and legal counsel came to light on Tuesday morning, shaking up the ongoing investigation into the president’s son Hunter Biden and his connections to the Department of Justice.

Alexander Mackler, a close associate of Joe Biden, reportedly spent years employed in the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office, including during the months when investigators probed Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

Having worked for years as a press secretary under Joe Biden in his Senate office and later as legal counsel in his Vice Presidential office, as well as running now-deceased Beau Biden’s campaign for Delaware Attorney General in 2010, Mackler had a very close relationship with the Biden family. Mackler also served on the Biden-Harris transition team in 2020.

The bombshell report stated that Mackler, in addition to being a close associate, might have had a personal relationship with Hunter Biden — with emails discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop showing the two corresponded frequently and even referred to each other as “brother” in a 2018 email.

Macker’s timeline at the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office reportedly spanned the months of the Hunter Biden investigation, as listed on his LinkedIn page: from August 2016 to May 2019.

Adding more fuel to the speculation, Lesley Wolf, one of the whistleblowers claiming the office hindered the investigation of Hunter Biden and his business dealings, worked very closely with Mackler for the duration of the probe.

But while it’s concerning enough that Mackler had an intimate working relationship with the office investigating Hunter Biden, an email dated late August 2016, from the timeframe when Mackler began his job in the office, reveals that Mackler advised Hunter Biden and his business partner on the safest, best — and legal — ways to make money once high-profile figures like Joe Biden left office. Mackler wrote in the email that powerful people can “take money from almost anyone they can personally stomach and who passes their personal barometer.”

This latest revelation raises questions as to whether Mackler was using his position in the DOJ to protect the Bidens during the investigation.

House Republicans are certain to investigate this information more closely. While whether or not Mackler strove to sabotage the investigation cannot be proven at this point, the close association between Mackler and the Biden family raises the question of whether or not the DOJ was compromised throughout the investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

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