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Biden Answers Questions About Border Wall

President Biden’s immigration policies continue to face criticism and confusion after his administration announced the construction of a new section of border wall. This decision marks a sharp turnaround from Biden’s previous stance against the border wall and highlights the failure of his immigration policies.

The move to build a new section of border wall has drawn criticism from staunch supporters of the Biden administration, such as Beto O’Rourke. However, it has also raised concern over whether the President is fully aware of the actions of his own administration. During a press conference on Thursday, Biden appeared confused as to who was even in charge of the decision to build the wall.

Despite the controversy surrounding the border wall, it is a well-known fact that these physical barriers are effective in deterring illegal immigration. While it may not solve the entire problem, a 30-foot wall is certainly harder to cross than an open stretch of border. This should be understood by anyone who is not either ignorant or dishonest. It is difficult to determine which category President Biden falls into in his comments on the issue.

Another clip from the press conference showed just how out of touch Biden is with his own administration. While discussing the decision to resume construction on the wall, Biden admitted that he is not in control of his own administration. This should be concerning to the American public, especially given his questionable mental state.

In yet another embarrassing moment, Biden was unable to correctly identify the department of the Joint Chiefs Chairman, who was sitting right in front of him in uniform. This further highlights the confusion and incompetence within the current administration.

The decision to build a new section of border wall also raises questions about the administration’s stance on the issue. Despite pledging to stop construction on the border wall, the Biden administration waived environmental regulations to allow for building to continue. This signals a clear lack of consistency and clarity in their immigration policies.

As the border crisis continues to worsen, the Biden administration is facing growing pressure to address the issue. The decision to build a new section of wall is an admission of the failure of their policies and a desperate attempt to control the chaos at the border.

It is clear that Biden’s immigration policies are causing more harm than good. The previous administration’s policies may not have been perfect, but they were effective in controlling the border. With the current situation at the border spiraling out of control, it is time for the Biden administration to take responsibility and come up with real solutions rather than flip-flopping on their stance.

Unless serious action is taken to address the border crisis, it will only continue to worsen and undermine the security of our nation. It is up to the administration to acknowledge their failures and work towards finding effective solutions for the sake of our country and its citizens. It is time for President Biden to take charge and lead with clarity and consistency.

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