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Biden Admin Disrespects The American Flag

At a large Pride event held on Saturday on the South Lawn of the White House, President Joe Biden attacked laws that barred certain medical treatments for minors that were deemedantiLGBTQ.

These bills and laws attack the most basic values and freedomsthe right to raise your own children, Biden said, seemingly ignoring his own administrations targeted attack against parents who spoke out against what the government wanted for their children.

Biden then committed to providingmore funding to helpfamilies support andaffirm their children, raising concerns about the administration using federal funding for transitioning minors.

The President then seemed to fall into a Bidendelusion where he wildly claimed that someone could be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon something which is already against the law. He then told an old and likely fictionalized story of his first encounter with two men kissing which has been called into question by the Washington Post fact checker.

I see more courage on this lawn than any time Ive seen in the recent past, Biden said as if attending a Pride event was more courageous than serving people in the military, receiving a Medal of Valor, or attending Memorial Day ceremonies.

The Presidents speech also included a gaffe, where he proclaimed to have ended the ban ontransjester Americans the correct term being transgender Americans serving in the military.

But the President isnt the only one under fire. The White House has been criticized for displaying a Progress Pride flag on the same level as the American flags in an apparent violation of the U.S. flag code.

But Biden didn‘t seem to care, or at least those tweeting from his account on Saturday night didnt. The tweet only mentioned the Progress Pride flag and not the American flag.

Bidens brazen position on the U.S. flag code, his duplicitous attack against laws that protect children, and his seemingly baseless attempt at whipping up the LGBTQ audience with his lies are concerning and should have penalties.

It seems the Presidents lack of respect for the American flag may come with consequences, and perhaps its only a matter of time before hes held to account.

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