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Bambi Live Action Writer Said Film Will Be Made So Kids Can Relate ‘A Little Bit More’

Director Lindsey Anderson Beer is confident that the upcoming live-action Bambi movie should be made in the first place. Anderson, who is currently promoting her Pet Sematary: Bloodlines film, recently shared why she believes the classic movie needs an update.

When asked about why another version of Bambi is necessary, Anderson responded by saying, “There’s an entire generation of children who have never seen the original,” she then added; “The thing is, it’s such a gorgeous film. It’s a little bit different tempo than modern audiences are used to.” She believes that some parents have been reluctant to show their children the 1942 classic due to the sensitive nature of the story.

Anderson points out that the movie’s treatment of the mother’s death may have made some parents hesitant to let their children watch it. She also believes that the film’s pacing may not appeal to modern audiences. However, Anderson sees an opportunity to update Bambi and bring it to life for a new generation.

The movie is expected to follow in the footsteps of Jon Favreau’s 2019 live-action remake of The Lion King, using photorealistic animals and settings. The script for the upcoming movie has already gone through multiple revisions, with the most recent draft penned by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster.

In addition to a new script, the Bambi remake has found its potential director in Sarah Polley, known for her work on the critically acclaimed film Women Talking. Polley is currently in discussions to helm the project, and reports suggest that country singer Kacey Musgraves will provide music for the film.

The original Bambi film, released in 1942, follows the story of a young fawn named Bambi as he grows up in the forest and learns about the dangers of Man. Alongside his friends Thumper, the rabbit, and Flower, the skunk, Bambi also discovers the joys of love with a doe named Faline.

While some may question the need for another remake of a classic movie, Anderson firmly believes that it is necessary. “To be able to bring it to life for kids these days in a way that maybe they relate to a little bit more would be of service to the original,” she says.

With a new script, potential director, and modern updates, the upcoming Bambi movie has the potential to introduce a new generation to the beloved story while remaining faithful to the original. Only time will tell if the movie will live up to the expectations set by the classic tale of a young deer finding his place in the world.

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