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Authorities Release Announcement About Recent California Mass Shooter

The suspect tied to a shooting that killed a total of 10 people and resulted in the injury of 10 others within a Los Angeles-area dance studio ended up fatally shooting himself, expressed police officials this past Sunday night.

Officials carried out a press conference at Monterey Park City Hall to give the public additional details about a standoff that ended a few hours earlier out in Torrance, California, which sits just about 30 miles to the southwest of the mass shooting scene from Monterey Park where people congregated on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Robert Luna, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, explained that police officers pulled up this past Sunday morning behind a white cargo van before following it to a shopping center parking lot.  When the officers jumped out of their patrol car to talk with the occupant they heard the sound of a gunshot ring out from within the vehicle, stated Luna. After the officers fell back and requested additional support, a SWAT team was about to find out that the suspect had ended up dying due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was officially pronounced dead at the scene, explained Luna.

Luna was able to identify the suspect at the evening press conference. Earlier, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department put out a bulletin seeking help for the public in getting ahold of the suspect. It featured photos of the suspect in question and has described him as an adult Asian man sporting a jacket of black leather, glasses, and a beanie.

The bulletin stated that the suspect should be considered heavily armed and very dangerous, but Luna explained that his department did not quickly release a name due to concerns that such a disclosure would make it much harder for police officials to make an arrest.

Police officials were not yet ready to release to the public a motive as of this past Sunday night but an investigation is still being carried out. “We want to know how something this awful can happen,” stated Luna as part of the press conference.

The violent assault kicked off at around 10:22 p.m. this past Saturday evening when a gunman opened fire at a dance studio sitting next to a Lunar New Year party taking place in Monterey Park, which resulted in the death so f10 people and thew wounding of close to 10 others prior to the suspect fleeing the scene, explained area officials.

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