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Another Round Of Details Have Gone Public Concerning Alleged Violent Attack Carried Out By University of Texas Coach

This past Monday night, new information was made public about the alleged incident which sparked the arrest of Chris Beard, the head coach of the men’s basketball team for the University of Texas.

49-year-old Beard had been arrested in the wake of the Austin Police Department reportedly going out on a “disturbance hot shot,” which the department defines as incidents that “are in progress and are an immediate threat to life and/or public safety (i.e. shootings, stabbings, rapes, riots).”

The affidavit about the arrest stated that Beard and his fiancée were struggling with some relationship issues and while having a heated argument he “snapped” and “became super violent,” as reported by Beard’s fiancée.

The incident kicked off in the wake of Beard refusing to speak with her due to being extremely mad at her, and when he went home he stormed out to the guest room of the house, explained Beard’s fiancée. She decided to go to the guest room to check in on him. He was reportedly relaxing on the best spinning a pair of reading glasses around a finger when she snatched them from him and smashed the glasses. This action seemed to spark an extreme escalation.

Beard allegedly departed to the main bedroom where he reared back and slapped the glasses she was wearing at the time off her face. Supposedly, when the pair was laying in bed together, she tried to get the glasses and claimed that she was then thrown off the bed. She attempted to get some of her things but reportedly failed to do so due to not having her glasses. She made the claim that he stood over her and put an arm around her neck.

The woman stated that she did not at all feel safe with the man after “he choked me, threw me off the bed, bit me, bruises all over my leg, throwing me around, and going nuts.”

When questioned by law enforcement if his choking her “impeded her breathing, ” she answered, “yes, I could not breathe, he did it for probably like 5 seconds.”

When beard was interrogated by police investigators, he claimed that he had a recording of the audio which indicated that he had not been the aggressor in the situation. When police officials asked if he was willing to hand over the recording he stated that he would not.

Beard has been working as the head coach of the team for close to two years in the wake of signing a seven-year contract for a salary of over $5 million per year.


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