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Adam Kinzinger Issues Odd Statement Concerning Who He Plans To Support In Coming Elections

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has come forward to claim that he would throw his support behind Democrats, even those with far-left leanings, over any of his fellow Republicans that he deems “anti-democracy.”

While making an appearance on the Sunday edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Kinzinger, just one of the 10 House Republicans who chose to stand with Democrats and vote to impeach former President Donald Trump, claimed that he would put his support behind Democratic candidates for office who “believe in democracy” over Republican candidates who would seek to “overthrow the will of the people.”

These statements take place just after Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) chose to vow her support to Democrats over Republicans in the wake of her loss during the GOP primary in a landslide defeat earlier this month. Both Kinzinger and Cheney sit as the only Republicans on the January 6 select committee investigating the capitol riot.

“Liz Cheney said in some cases she may have to help a Democrat win against sort of an anti-democracy Republican. Do you feel that is what you will be doing the next couple of years or so?” asked show host Chuck Todd.

“Yes,” Kinzinger answered. “The bottom line is the biggest threat to our country is democracy [sic]. And if you have Republicans that are running against even left-wing Democrats that believe in democracy and believe in voting, that person should be elected over somebody who would basically overthrow the will of the people and, ultimately, destroy this country.”

“This country cannot survive outside of democracy,” he went on. “It will turn into a power struggle between groups of different races, of different ethnicities, of different religion. Because the thing that holds us together is this belief that we can self-govern. Take that away the country is a mess.”

“Republicans that are for that have no place in office, I don’t care what their policy position on taxes are,” he tacked on.

Kinzinger created his own political action committee which has been titled “Country 1st PAC” back in January of 2021 in order to highlight Republican candidates that try to combat the influence of former President Trump over the party. A group of advisers and allies for Kinzinger kicked off another super PAC and an additional grassroots nonprofit to further amplify any and all anti-Trump candidates or personalities. The nonprofit in question, “Keep Country First Policy Action,” kicked off its very first recruitment drive at the start of this month.

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