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$500 Repair Bill Leads To Tragedy In Texas Two Days Before Christmas

A 29-year-old Texas mechanic and father of two girls was murdered by being shot just two days prior to Christmas after a small ordeal devolved into a fight with a client about a repair bill totaling out to $500.

The mechanic, Luis Manuel Casillas, was discovered dead close to the 7600 block of North Freeway in Houston, Texas, this past Friday evening after an unknown customer being trialed by a group of five other men allegedly ran down and murdered him execution-style, according to reported from a number of local media outlets.

The sister of the victim, Sandy Casillas, explained to local media outlets that a number of witnesses made the claim that an argument broke out between her brother and the customer over a series of repairs done to a truck before the situation went deadly. When the customer exclaimed that he was not going to pay for any of the work done, Casillas allegedly told him to just take his truck and leave.

“My brother started running,” explained Sandy Casillas. “He ran through all the side businesses he could run through,” stating that the group of suspects managed to catch up to the mechanic and “shot him in the head point blank.”

“They put him on his knees, and they shot him in the head,” exclaimed Sandy.

She explained to outlet KHOU11 that her brother begged for his life to the attacking suspects, stating, “I have a family — just take whatever you want.”

The victim’s brother, Jose Casillas, also spoke up to state that Luis shared screenshots of the talks with the customer a day before the lethal argument.

“After that, I just received a call that my brother has been shot,” the brother explained. “I didn’t believe it at first.”

Authorities quickly rushed Casillas to a hospital after his discovery, but the man died from his injuries there.

He leaves behind a wife and a pair of three-year-old little girls.

Members of his family have stated that Casillas has bought a few Christmas presents for his kids and planned to finish off his shopping in the wake of getting the $500 owed due to the repair bill.

“Santa was coming with Daddy, but Santa showed up, but Daddy didn’t,” the man’s sister stated.

Relatives appeared at the scene of the crime on Christmas Day, screaming out for the alleged murderers to be fully held accountable.

“You don’t do that to any human beings,” explained the sister. “You don’t do that to animals. How do you do that to my brother? What they did is not fair and if you’re the mother of those six individuals, at least be a good enough mother to turn your child in.”

As of writing, Houston police officials have not issued a statement highlighting a description of the suspects or their cars.

Family members will lay Casillas to rest on Thursday at the Funeraria Del Angel.


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